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What we do

Our objective is to search the industries for materials they're not getting financial benefit from, and promote it with our contacts and clients through our website so it can get to their hands.

How it works

Every time your company come across material that isn't moving or you wish to sell, those materials can be uploaded to our site with visibility on the main international component search platforms, improving the chances to sell your stock all over the world


In Border Components is very important to keep our clients safe. All transactions are made through Border Components, so your information will remain confidential. All contact with current and potential clients is managed by Border Components as well.

Terms And Conditions

Border Components does not manufacture any product or represent any manufacturer. As so, Border Components doesn't take any responsibility over manufacturing defects of any product.
Border Components can accept reclaims for incomplete or damaged products until 15 days after delivery. After this period Border Components does not take any responsibility.
All sales are NCNR (Not Cancellable - Not Returnable). In case a return for damage is accepted, Border Components will generate an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) for material retrieval.